Information for Female Scientists

Faculty 08 has many projects aiming to enable more women to pursue a scientific career or later a career in private enterprise. Women are supported by targeted activities and programmes to utilize their job and career potential.

The Irène Joliot- Curie Programme was launched in December 2013 in the framework of the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence. The programme is set up to support women in all phases of their scientific careers both at the cluster and in their broader research work.

The Ada Lovelace Project offers a special mentoring programme to young researchers in their PhD and PostDoc phases.

ProWeWin (Programm Weiblicher Wissenschaftsnachwuchs) is a programme offered by the Office for Gender Equality of the Johannes Gutenberg University. It addresses young female researchers in their late PhD phase and PostDocs. Various workshops are offered where participants can train key qualifications in their respective scientific fields. The workshops are open for participants from all subjects.

Faculty 08 provides a parent-child-room which is located in Staudingerweg 9, room 02-120 (2nd floor). To get the key please contact the PRISMA+ coordination office (02-428).